Storm Damage In Atlanta

In the past few years storms have been prevalent in the south. Atlanta has seen it’s share. We have had many calls for repairs from minor to major storm damage. Unfortunately, dealing with the insurance companies is not the most pleasant experience. If you have had weather related problems with your home, you will be in the middle of it. Patience is the key word.

First find an experienced storm restoration contractor willing to help communicate with the insurance company. Your main contact will be with the adjuster, who will be fighting for the lowest payout and will delay the process as long as possible. Don’t be too frustrated by this, expect it.

The contractor needs to document your damage (photos are good) as the work progresses. You may not see all of the damage until it’s exposed in the demolition process. The adjuster should work with you regarding any unforeseen storm damage repair costs. The problem is adjusters are regional guys these days. They may be in your area today and three states over for the next three weeks. Therefore, if you don’t want any delays with your payments, you have to be on top of them with a contractor by your side to argue your case.

Atlanta Home Renovators has been helping Atlanta home owners in these difficult times for many years. Let us help you through this process.